the garden

  I come into the garden alone while the dew is still on the roses

  and the voice that I hear falling on my ear

  the Son of God discloses

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Prayer Requests

The Garden team meet regularly to pray over the Prayer Requests and we encourage you to read through the requests below and pray over them also.

If, when submitting a request, you include an email address we will respond back directly to you. Please feel free to give us updates us on your request.

Please pray for Kathy. She has been injured in a fall and is in pain. Pray for healing and relief.

Jan 12 2021

Just found I am pregnant and am looking for prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy 🙏 Thank you so much and God bless!! Miracles do happen, now we just need to make it through the next 8 months!! xo


Jan 2 2021

Marsha requests urgent prayer for an unspoken request. Please pray that God would intervene in the situation.


Dec 20 2020

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. I know it helps, I know it!..not out of the woods yet but moving forward. Will keep you posted!


Jan 2 2021

We are asking for prayers for Dawn, she has an infection which may require intervention, possibly surgery.

Please keep Dawn and her family in your prayers and I will update you when we have news of her progress.


Dec 13 2020

I am asking for prayer for my friend P. He is suffering dark spiritual battles. He questions the depth and sincerity of his faith. He needs to draw closer to God and resist his doubts and fears.

Oct 30 2020

From: T H

A's mom needs vein surgery, but they (Hungary) are locked down due to cornavirus and have had to postpone the surgery indefinitely. Please pray for God's wisdom, healing and strength for both A and her mom.

Oct 24 2020

From: A

Please pray for our nation. That as a nation we would repent and return to following God's will. Pray for wisdom for our leaders and that the eyes and hearts of those who are against God's will would be turned to God. That they would receive the gift of saving faith. That God's will would be done in the upcoming election.

Oct 24 2020

Just wanted to ask for prayers for wisdom in how to deal with a problem I am experiencing right now. I'm just tired of dealing with things, want things to go easier for a change. Thanks


Oct 12 2020

As you may know, our condo in St. Paul was destroyed in a fire at the end of May. We have been in here since June 15 and have found the Church to be a blessing and the highlight of my week. Please pray that the Lord would make our paths straight and signals clear about his next plan for ourselves. We must spend 6 months out of the year in the U.S. to retain Nancy's green card, but we have lost interest in living in St. Paul. I like it here, but have found that houses cost much less in MI. Please pray that we would know where to go. God's peace.


Sept 15 2020

I am asking for prayer for N & S and their children. There is great turmoil in their family and they deperately need spiritual protection. Please ask God for protection, wisdom and guidance for this family. I cannot reveal their names because of family issues, but God will surely know their names.


Sept 12 2020

Please pray for Tom K and his family. Tom just had triple by-pass surgery. Pray for a quick and complete recovery and peace for his family.


Sept 5 2020

Dad is home from the hospital finally! Thank you everyone for your prayers these past two weeks. Please continue to pray for healing for him. I also ask that you pray for my mom as she navigates caregiver duties now, and for me to find more time in my schedule to be able to help her. God bless you all!


Sept 11 2020

Please pray that God would give me wisdom and protection during the troubling times I am experiencing right now.


Sept 5 2020