the garden

  I come into the garden alone while the dew is still on the roses

  and the voice that I hear falling on my ear

  the Son of God discloses

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God through Jesus Christ touches lives

Personal profile of a person with No Hope!

Tammy, age 33, two children, no job, no husband to help, trouble fitting into our present society, dependent on the state for assistance, not any real friends that were willing to help her and the family, a person with no hope.

Too often this profile is a pattern of life that a person is stuck in without any help to overcome and are bound into poverty with no hope. Governmental programs provide assistance but fail to deal with why they are destitute. Example, Tammy was given a thick book on how to raise her children, the book's author was very highly educated with a PhD, but the problem is the language of the book did not communicate with the mother. Tammy needed to be revived from her depression before she would be able to deal with the challenges of life. Who can help her?

Tammy is in deep depression: There came a point in Tammy's life when she just could not deal with her situation any longer, it was just too overwhelming and she ended up in the psychiatric ward on suicide watch. She had asked for a pastor. A pastor and his wife spent time at the psychiatric ward with her.

Two attendants brought Tammy to a common area. One under each arm, she walked in bent over staring at the floor, she was very pale looking and was constantly picking at her arms for no apparent reason. The attendants sat her down at the table and she started to communicate about her life and the struggles she is having. At one point in her life when she was a little girl, she shared that her grandmother was taking her to church. At that point she was asked by the pastor, "Tammy you really need help don't you?" She responded with a head shake, yes. Tammy you really need Jesus don't you? She responded, yes.

She was asked if she ever asked Jesus to become a part of your life. She said no. Would you like to do that now? She again responded with a yes answer. Tammy prayed and something happened, the Lord did a work in her heart. She sat up straight, had a smile on her face and was excited about her new life in Jesus Christ. She was so excited that she went and told her room mate what had happened and the next day her room mate accepted Jesus as her savior also. The Lord gave these two woman new lives. Jesus gave them a reason to live, and a purpose to live for, only the Lord can lift you out of the depression of life and give you peace.

Tammy grew in her new found faith: Tammy accepted the challenge of going through a disciple course for four months as she meet weekly with a discipler. She learned how to apply the Word of God to her life; this gave her victory over her depression, peace and hope for tomorrow.

Tammy moved to another town. After a two year period she stopped at church to see us and gave her testimony, how the Lord was working in her life. She had joined a gospel preaching church and attended ladies bible prayer fellowship meetings weekly and was doing great. She stated, "I finally realized all I need in life is Jesus." She needed to fellowship with those who would lift her up.

Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your savior? Tammy did and it changed her life!