the garden

  I come into the garden alone while the dew is still on the roses

  and the voice that I hear falling on my ear

  the Son of God discloses

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Occasional insights by guest authors (If you have an insight you would like published please use the contact page to submit a sample for consideration).

Is it Because

I have often wondered how, after finding so much peace and lasting joy myself, as a follower of Jesus, others so easily dismiss, ignore, belittle, attack and outright reject His teachings.

Is it because they have, at some point, been exposed to the hypocrisy that can be so rampant in some churches. Maybe they have seen people being oh so pompous and righteous in church on Sunday, and so mean, uncaring, even downright immoral the rest of the week?

Is it because someone else hated God so much that it rubbed off on them? Maybe because this other person had reasoned that there was no God and adopted that belief, even as a religion itself - and then poisoned the minds of others?

Is it because they completely misunderstand who God is and what their relationship with Him is meant to be? Do they blame Him for all the bad things, the things that go wrong? These people stubbornly refuse to seek out the truth, it's easier for them to blame God and excuse their own deficiencies.

Is it because they believe that politics and politicians, of this leaning or that, are the answer - and because those political agendas clash with those of God they reject Him? Do these political beliefs suggest that humans, with the right leaders and right policies, can turn society into a wonderful utopia? And, if so, why would they ever need to bow down to some unseen "god"? Take a look around you at the "utopia" we have created to see how well that works!

Is it because of pride and ego? A refusal to bend the knee and acknowledge a greater power than self?

Is it because of a belief that in accepting God the person would have to give up so many things they cherish in this world? I have noticed an increasing tendency for people who join churches to bring their world view with them - and rather than being transformed by the teachings of Jesus they try to transform the teachings ... to match their world view. As a result, behavior which God has clearly said is wrong is made to appear right by these individuals. It's like they tear out of the bible the pages they don't agree with, or, at the very least, invent new interpretations and force them to fit. I am always confused by that. If you don't believe a good portion of what the bible says, and won't accept it, how can you believe any of it? Surely the person who wrote that part of the bible you disbelieve or disagree with would be unreliable in anything else they had written. Another thing I see that amazes me is when people say "society has changed; things are more acceptable now in the modern world, and religion has to change with it to stay relevant". I can't stop laughing when I hear things like that. A sad laughter that is. Do these people really believe God is so fickle or easily manipulated? These attitudes will never produce a true relationship with God, without further transformation their beliefs will fall apart at the first sign of trouble. True peace and joy will only be found when you submit yourself to God, and most definitely not when you try to make Him submit to you.

If you are visiting this web site I think there is a good chance you are searching for something. But that something can only come from God. No human can "convert" you, at best, only instruct. So, isn't it time to stop procrastinating? Go find a quite place, get on your knees, submit yourself and ask God to bestow upon you the gift of faith. Keep on praying and asking, and praying and asking, and praying and asking ... God may want to know you are serious. But I can guarantee you, because God promised, you will find Him if you do - and a peace and joy which is beyond this world will descend upon you.